Hi there! It seems you have stumbled upon Valkyrie, a shrine for Rinoa Heartilly, the leading lady of RPG-god Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII. If you are already a fan of Rinoa, I hope that you'll look around the shrine and enjoy it; if you're not yet a Rinoa fan.. Well, maybe you'll look around anyway and change your mind? ;)

This shrine is quite old; as of July 23rd, 2005, it will be (get ready) five. In which case I'm hoping you'll forgive the lack of updates, but it's hard for me to maintain a constant enthusiastic interest in a website that's five years old and pretty much as large as I can think to make it. ^^; Anyway I was just dropping a little note here to stress the fact that this shrine won't be going away anytime soon, but probably won't change too much in the future from the state it's in now (except for the addition of fan submitted stuff now and then ;))

If you haven't found it yet, the navigation is above this box.. in another box. (Be in awe of my ability to be inarticulate :P) Also, watch out for spoilers! If you haven't played FF8 (or finished it I guess) I recommend that you step lightly because most of these sections are littered with some form of spoiler, big or small. (Although if you haven't played the game, you'll probably be totally lost browsing around here anyway. :P) Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

love amelia
last updated march 3rd 2007