Other Randomness: Etcetera

'Cause this is all the random crap that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. :P It's kind of lacking, but.. ahh. XP

By the Fans, For the Fans: YEAH! Finally Valkyrie has a section especially for fanart and fanfiction! *cheers* Except it's fairly empty now, because I can't draw or come up with plots for dog crap and no one's sent in too much of anything..

Guest Articles: Because I'm certain you're tired of only listening to me - admit it, I don't make any sense half the time.

Music Rotation: The rotation of... umm.. Music. Rinoa-related, that is. ^_~

Icons & Avatars: Special Rinoa stuff made for you, the fans. :)

Why Rinoa???: Why create a shrine for.. Rinoa?! It's all about opinion, folks. ^_-

YKYLRTMW..: Everybody does it, so how good am I if I don't? *contemplating the mysterious of peer pressure*

Eyes on Me & Faye Wong: Information on FF8's theme song, and my analysis of how it relates to Squall and Rinoa. (Eventualy I intend to have a little info on Faye Wong as well - hence the title! - but I need to do some research first..)

Not so Happy Endings?: "If I fall under Ultimecia's control again... SeeD will come kill me, right? And the leader of SeeD is you, Squall. Squall's sword will pierce my heart... I guess it's ok if it's you, Squall. Nobody else." A bad dream, or creepy premonition? You decide! ... or actually, it's more like listen to me argue with myself about the Ultimecia Theory.. ^^;;

Silv's Current Game Stats: WOOH YEAH!!! ^^;; Basically, uh, the current statistics from my main FF8 game. Dun-dun-dunnnnn!!! >D And no, you're not allowed to make fun of me. :P